Teacher Technology IEP?

I read a recent post by Jeff Utecht called “Getting my ducks in a row” where he outlined his plan for supporting teachers who receive laptops as part of their work. At my school 30 teachers purchased laptops this summer, for their personal use but most are planning on bringing it back and forth to school to support their teaching. I wonder how many of them would buy into a Teacher Technology IEP? I think it is a great way to set goals and focus your learning but considering these are technically “personal” machines I don’t know that my teachers would get excited about having their progress tracked throughout the year.

I love the support group idea where teachers using their laptops meet in small groups a couple of times a month for help troubleshooting and conversations about classroom impacts of their technology use. People all over the world are struggling to support teachers in an effective, constructive way. My school among them.

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